We believe in the future of blockchain technology. All cryptocurrencies are blockchain based, secure and ensure the impossibility of fraud. They also facilitate cross border transactions and trading because of a reduced need for middlemen. Cryptocurrency also offers a viable alternative to traditional fiat, for clients who seek to hedge their wealth against the pitfalls of a global economic downturn.

Our pick of the bunch is Ethereum. Why Ethereum? Two reasons: firstly, the underlying technology on which it is based allows for faster execution of transactions on a public, open ledger. Also, the value is less prone to instability than other major cryptocurrencies. Unlike many other cryptocurrencies, Ethereum has the backing of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance; a group made up of major academics and of Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, UBS, Intel, Santander and JP Morgan. It currently has over 90 members.

However, we also accept, trade and exchange other cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. We believe that by investing in cryptocurrency and betting on the potential of blockchain, we help create value and lead the march into a decentralised future free from constraints.

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